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Phobia House is a Michigan haunted house with a twist - or is that a twisted side? PHOBIA HOUSE

Phobia House - 2015

A haunted house with a twist - Or is that a twisted side?
"Consistantly Voted the scariest haunted attraction in Michigan"

Open Dates:

October 2, 3, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, and 31

We Will Be Hosting A Special Event On November 1st 2015
This year escape is not an option - only survival is possible.

Halloween 2015 is creeping up and for all of our
Michigan and out of state victims (guests),
that means tons of chills, screams, squeals,
shrieks, and cries in the night,
as you wander through our phobia infested nightmare
that we call Phobia House,
one of Michigan's premier haunted attractions!

This year is the


anniversary of Phobia House.

The Phobia House staff and the Scream Team is on a rampage again
and will strive to make Phobia House 2015 a year to remember
though you will try to forget it!

To keep things fresh, we have done a 90% re-build and design,
plus we have come up with a new theme for Phobia House 2015.
The 2015 Phobia House theme is


(The Background Story)

Three years ago a young Arizona couple and their six year old daughter were on a cross country trip to visit
relatives. Late one night, actually it was early morning, about 3:00AM, the father could see the lights of a
Hotel approaching in the distance. It was the first Hotel that they had seen in the past two hours so they
decided to stop for the night. And it was a cold night, in fact unseasonably cold.

The father noted that even though the parking lot of the Grand Crimson Hotel was full, the red VACANCY sign
was still flashing in the wildow, so he pulled up to the registration office doors and parked behind an old
dilapidated motorcycle. As the family entered the lobby, the night time cold seemed to follow them in.
The father looked at the front desk and thought to himself, "It seems strange that there is nobody at the
registration desk, however, it was just after 3:00AM and maybe they do things differently here in Michigan."

As they approached the front desk they could hear what they thought was whispering, however, there were no
people in the lobby, halls, nor at the desk. They called out for assistance and rang the desk bell a few times
to no avail. All they could hear was the whispering, which seemed to be getting closer. Just as they were about
to exit the Hotel, the daughter, who had been fast asleep, let out a blood curtailing scream, the kind that
sends chills down your spine. At that precise moment every light in the Hotel went black as the scream seemed
to eerily echo throughout the halls of the Hotel.

As they made a hasty exit, the father thought, "Thank God for the full moon tonight, otherwise it would have
been more difficult to find our way through the lobby and back to our car." And as they drove off into the cold
night, the wife looked back and thought it odd that all of the Hotel guests seemed to be watching them exit
from their bedroom windows. She thought, "I hope that my daughters screaming did not wake them." Then she
turned her attention to her still crying daughter and tried to comfort her. Nothing seemed to work!

The daughter was still crying as the father pulled into the police station parking lot. The father went in
and made a report of the incident to the desk sergeant who immediately dispatched a patrol car to the Hotel.
After taking the report the sergeant sent the family on their way. A three days later the family car was found
abandoned on the side of the highway. They never made it to their destination and
no sign of the young family has ever been found!

As the patrol officer entered the Hotel parking lot he noted in his report book that the parking lot was indeed
full, however, there was no sign of life and the Hotel was in fact in total darkness. With his flash light in
hand, the officer entered the Hotel. As he wandered through the cold lobby and towards the front desk,
he heard a whisper and then his flash light went out. Next the officer heard a scream - his own!
As with the young Arizon couple, their six year old daughter, the Hotel staff, and the 113 Hotel guests,
no trace of the oficer has ever been found in three years of searching!
They all vanished without a trace.

Fast forward three years. The parking lot is now empty, all of the cars have long since been towed away,
and the previously three star Hotel is now in shambles due to time, weather, and neglect.
Even the three year old "FOR SALE" sign is lost in the waist high out of control weeds.

The owner of The Grand Crimson Hotel had tried to sell the dilapidated Hotel for three years now but to no avail.
Every time a potential buyer enters the premises, the cold lifeless building, and what sounds like the whisperings
of the dead, dispatches the would be buyers out the front doors. Even though the owner does not believe in
ghosts and paranormal research, he has decided to bring in an amateur research team to investigate the Hotel.

The paranormal research team has set as their task; To track down, capture, and or expulse the evil entity from the
deserted Hotel. However, shortly after the team starts their hunt, the hunters discover that they are not the
hunters, but that they have become the hunted. The relentless entity and its servants, the past guests of the
Hotel, the Hotel staff, the family, and the officer, will stop at nothing to take possession of what is theirs.
I am not referring to the deserted Hotel, they already have that. Their intent is to take possession of something
much more precious - they want YOU! So will you make it to the exit on alive, or will you become, as so many have
become in the past, simply another servant to the dark entity? Time will tell!

This year, as you leave Phobia House, you may just be bringing something home other than memories.
So be careful of what you look for because it just might find you.

So bring your running shoes and a friend because you will
not want to wander the halls of Phobia House alone this year.
For updates go to the Phobia House Information page.
Check back often for more updates.

Cost: $15.00 (Cash Only)
Ticket sales start at 7:15 PM and end at 11:30 PM
Phobia House is a tour guided haunted attraction
Approximate tour time is 20 to 30 minutes (It could be more or less)

Phobia House

Consecutively voted one of the best and scariest haunted attractions in Michigan

Phobia House 2015 will again be open between Kalamazoo and Plainwell Michigan.
Located in the old Plainwell Rollerworld building.

The physical address is;

Phobia House
84 North Douglas
Plainwell, Michigan 49080
Phone; 269-344-2001

The dictionary definition of Phobia is
an irrational or very powerful fear and dislike of something.
For example; Spiders, Snakes, Rats, Clowns, or Confined Spaces.
Well if that is what a Phobia is, can you imagine what
a Phobia House might be?

Phobia House is not recommended for people with
Heart conditions and pregnant women.
Phobia house is a traditional haunt and
a phobia infested nightmare.

We challenge you to

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