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Gerard Enterprises is a manufactures of mascots, masks, magic supplies, special effects, haunted house props, costumes, movie props, and supplier of stage lighting and sound equipment. Special Effects, Props, And Custom Design Page

Special Effects, Props, And Custom Designs

A Vancouver based film crew came to Michigan to film an episode for Storm Warning,
a Television series that features recreations of catastrophic events. In this episode they
were reenacting the crash of a private plane that went down in Lake Michigan during a
dense fog. To recreate the weather conditions that caused the crash, they contacted
Michigan based special effects artist Antony Gerard. In the two pictures above, the
actual crew from the Coast Guard rescue party can be seen searching for the lost
survivors during the reenactment. Because the filming was done on location, which
was a mile out in Lake Michigan, we had to load and bring all of the equipment,
using boats, out into the lake. The equipment included generators, wind machines
and ten fog machines with 100,000 cubic feet per minute output. Mr. Gerard also
assisted the director and film crew is setting up some of the shots.

The two mascots above were custom made by Antony Gerard.The giant water bottle
on the left was made for The Gordon Water Company. The bull head on the right is
Buddy the bull from the Brann's Steak House chain of restaurants..

Two effects created for Television commercials by Tony and Antony Gerard. The infected scar
was created by Tony Gerard II and the Foam Ape appliance by Antony Gerard. The inside of the
Ape appliance was cast to fit perfectly over the actors face which allowed the Ape face to
move along with the actors. Thus if the actor smiled the Ape smiled, if the actor growled
the Ape growled, etcetera.

The Electric Professor

This mascot was sculpted by Antony Gerard
for Grand Rapids based The Electric Professor.