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Nick Intgroen on the cover of
Southwest Michigan Magazine

Great news came from Berlin Germany today November 18th. Nick represented the U.S.A.
At the 2008 Eurocup World Karate Championships last week. Nick brought home two
gold medals and a trophy making him the new world champion. Not only did Nick win the
championship, he was the youngest ever to win it. If that were not enough, Nick won the
championship with non of his opponents being able to score a point on him.

Great job Nick.

Michigan State Karate Tournament
Saturday April 5th, 2008
E-mail Nick for details.

Results of the AAU Michigan State Karate Championships.

Kalamazoo International Championship Karate (K.I.C.K.) sent 11 athletes to compete
both in Kata (Forms) and Kumite (Sparring). We are proud to announce that they brought
back to our dojo an outstanding 18 medals. All 11 competitors placed and received medals.

The break down is as follows.

Gold Medal (1st Place) = Eight (8) Medals
Silver Medal (2nd Place) = Seven (7) Medals
Bronze Medal (3rd Place) = Three (3) Medals


Haillie Brown - Silver in sparring, 7-8 year old beginner
Jay Davidson - Silver in sparring, silver in kata, 13-15 yr. old beginner
Dylan DeGlopper - Bronze in sparring, 16 -18 yr. old beginner
Madison Ennis - Silver in kata, silver in sparring, 9-12 yr. old beginner
Emeka Aneke - Bronze in kata, gold in sparring , 7-8 yr. old beginner
Emily McLachlan - Gold in kata, Gold in sparring, 13-15 yr. old beginner
Julianne Saletta - Silver in kata, Gold in sparring, 13-15 yr. old intermediate
Matthew Saletta - Bronze in kata , 9-12 yr old intermediate
Joe Sanders - Silver in sparring, 19-34 yr. old intermediate
Sensei Kenny Ledbetter - Gold in sparring, 13-15 year old advanced
Sensei Nick Intgroen - Gold in Kata, Gold in Lt. wt. sparring and,
Gold in open weight sparring - Adult advanced division

20th Arnold Classic International Fitness Weekend

The world's strongest, fittest and most agile athletes will converge on Columbus, Ohio
for the 2008 Arnold Classic International Fitness Weekend what promises to be a
record-breaking year with 20,000 athletes and over 75,000 attendees expected.

Upon the recommendation of his Boxing coach, Nick registered for Boxing and Karate.
For this, Nicks first Boxing competition, he opted not to register for a state competition,
nor a regional competition. No he chose for his first Boxing Competition an international
event where many 0f the world's best athletes come to compete.

Nick was scheduled to compete in both Boxing and Karate, however, the Karate
competition started only seconds after his last Boxing match ended so Nick opted
not to compete in Karate. There just wasn't enough time between the two events.


2008 Arnold Invitational Boxing Championships
Columbus, Ohio - March 1 & 2, 2008

Gold Medal Champions

Welterweight = Nicholas Intgroen - Kalamazoo MI

2008 Ozawa Cup International Karate Tournament

MARCH 20th thru 23rd, 2008

The Ozawa Cup International Karate Tournament is one of the largest and most
prestigious karate tournaments of its kind in the world today. It was founded by
Master Osamu Ozawa in 1981. It is held at the fabulous Flamingo Hotel & Casino.

This year there were 15 countries represented. Nick competed in the adult advanced
black belt division. When the first days fighting was over, there were four competitors
who advanced to the finals. Two from the U.S.A. one each from Panama and Venezuela.
Unfortunately Nick badly sprang his ankle on his last fight of the first days elimination
rounds. Nick went on to fight at the finals bringing home the Bronze Medal in Kumite.
The final standings were: 1st place = U.S.A., 2nd place = Panama, 3rd place = Venezuela,
and a second 3th place = Nick Intgroen U.S.A.

International Karate Invitationals

On June 17th through 25th, Nick and Chris competed in the
2007 WUKO World Championships in Valencia, Spain
with the AJKA-I National Team.

Nick and Chris will be representing the Kalamazoo Bushido Academy,
the AJKA-I, Kalamazoo Michigan, and the United States.
AJKA-I is an international organization with members in
the United States and Europe.


There were nearly fifty countries represented
at this years WUKO World Championships.
There were 100 competitors in Nick's division alone.

When all the fighting was over, there were three out of seventy
who took their positions on the winners stand for medals.
Nick did us proud. He brought home the Bronze medal
(That's third place in the world).

Nick won all of his fights but one. The fight that Nick
lost was to the world champion from Russia.
It was a very close match with the Russian
fighter winning the match half a point to nothing.
I do not know why there was not an elimination fight to determine who would
receive the second and third place medals. Some obscure rule I suppose.

Since the above competition, Nick has won two back-to-back Euro Cup championships.
In two weeks Nick is again going to Europe to compete. If he takes this tournament
he will be the only competitor to win three kumite championships in a row.

Congratulations Nick

Kalamazoo Bushido Academy
2007 West Main Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49006

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Nick Intgroen is a 25 year old second degree black belt who's awards, medals, and trophies are a good indication of his love for the Martial Arts. He trains daily and competes in State, Regional, National, and International tournaments. Nick has brought home medals in over 99% of the tournaments he competed in. His Sensei (instructor) is Al Doorlag who also has won many titles in State, National and International tournaments.

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