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Michigan Magic Day (40th Annual). <bgsound src="butterfly_metamorphosis[1].MID" loop=infinite> Michigan Magic Day 2009.

40th Annual

Michigan Magic Day

April 17th, 18th, and 19th 2009.

Michigan Magic Day, the brain child of magicians Stan White and Doug Dean, is an
annual magic convention which appears in a different city in Michigan every year.
It gives local magicians and magic enthusiasts the opportunity to learn and teach
their craft to others with similar interests. If you wish to learn how to perform magic
a registration is required; however, if you wish to watch and be entertained by some
of the best magicians in the world then The World Of Magic And Illusion is the show
for you. Tickets and registrations are available via phone at 269-344-2001, in person
at The Timid Rabbit Magic & Masquerade Shop - 2011 West Main Street - Kalamazoo,
Michigan 49006 or online at or

Artists who performed on the April 18th 2009 evening magic show are:

Chris Capehart, David Kaplan, Hank Moorehouse,
David Seebach And Company, Alan Smola, Boris Wild, and Tim Wright.

J.C. Wagner and Antony Gerard will not perform on the
Saturday evening show. They are scheduled to perform
and or lecture on other events during the convention.

Antony Gerard E-mail Address.

Schedule and performers subject to change.